Imperfect is My Perfect Female Body

Author: Emma | Published: Jul/21/2016

Beautiful girl

What do you consider the ideal female body? Everyone has different tastes and something to admire. Skinny or curvy, even short or tall women. Others think overweight can work for them, others go for fitness and bikini models who do squats, athletic type, while others want a classy woman who can wear a tuxedo! There are also 'boob' men and 'ass men.' Every guy has their "archetypes!".

But with all honesty, I think we should draw the line at the point where it's ''too much'' which is of course highly subjective. I mean, some men have even introduced new rules when it comes to choosing a 'fine' woman, as they say. One case in point is the B and B rule (belly bigger than boobs rule). Others say female beer belly=no-go! Society has programmed guys to say things like that - lust.

sexy women's bodyI don't think there's any such thing as the perfect female body. It's kind of like asking what the perfect painting or song is. But everybody has a fantasy and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I'm really not to picky. I'll take anything that contains a good personality and is relatively 'healthy'. I'm not usually attracted to very obese people, but I'm much more into a curvy woman with some meat on her bones than that snake-like model look that's supposed to be sexy. A perfect sphere of uniform density in a vacuum. An hourglass. A Portuguese guitar. A woman who has a good sense for fashion and is active and able to do all of the fun outdoors like hiking, swimming, jogging, etc but still has a little bit of feminine softness/squish going - my fantasy...But really all I want is a girl that's comfortable with her body. So many of females have image problems and they are very attractive. :( Really makes me sad...

But, all in all, there's no such thing as an ideal female body. There are various ways that one could be more or less attractive, but on any given day, what appeals most can change. In my eyes, what is a great female body shape? Two arms and two legs. True man! A learned and cultured person unaffected by mass media's objectification of women doesn't assume anything about body type. He should value other things in women, like intelligence and not that 'ass.' A balanced woman is not defined by beauty. At the art of it all is character! A woman's true heartfelt smile can take her from an 8 to a 10. A woman who is confident (not cocky), caring and who has a good heart can override nearly all physical features, body type is not the deal maker/breaker for 'real' men. One with a beautiful and calm weaver of speech. Naturally polite, innocent and efficient, desirable yet attainable, business-like sound of voice, as compared to women who frequently prove to be rude and unruly.

Always remember, there is no perfect, perfection is a myth. There are some traits I find more attractive than others, as is the nature of having preferences, but seeking perfection is a fool's errant, and should never cross one's mind. There's not really any one body that I would consider perfect. For me, imperfect is my perfect body. The Gentleman's Ratio!

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