The enyoyment of Erotica

Author: Emma | Published: Jul/21/2016

sexy woman

Sexual material intended to arouse, titillate, educate and inspire has been around since the dawn of human history. Until recently, erotica has been primarily the prized possession of only the wealthy or ruling classes. Throughout the ages, paintings, lingerie, sculptures and literary works of art have depicted our sexual nature in all its forms. From romantic and beautiful to mysterious and fanciful to nasty and depraved, great pieces of artwork have the power to trigger strong emotions and stimulate our imagination. How you perceive and react to this erotic material is a reflection of you and your own secret desires and fears.

Openly sharing your thoughts, feelings and desires with your lover can be more intimate than sex itself. It is a delicate subject. It may even be intimidating to face your own thoughts and feelings. But, with a playful attitude, various types of erotica can be used to introduce and explore many diverse sexual topics with your lover. Erotic literature and art can be a valuable source for new ideas to enhance your sexual enjoyment together. There are various genres of erotica to suite your personal preference or stimulate specific desires:

Erotic art from various countries, cultures and historic time periods may stimulate your interests in women and may even provide the inspiration for a roleplaying fantasy. Use the erotic imagination of the artist to stimulate your own wild thoughts. Discovering how each other interprets the image can be enlightening. Accentuating your bedroom with special pieces of erotic art can turn it into a pleasure den - a constant reminder of your passionate desires. Or, purchase a few erotic art books or electronic collections for periodic browsing now and again. Each viewing will stimulate new desires.

Statues, sculptures and even smaller sexual artefacts can be erotic. Body art and elements of fashion (including lingerie) can also be stimulating. Sensual dance, risqué performance art and even live sex shows are other avenues for erotic adventure. Not all erotic art will arouse you directly but may just trigger interesting thoughts and sexy ideas.

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